Appliance problems?

Before you pay for a service call, try this:

Note: Avoid expensive service calls by plugging all appliances into a surge protector if you can. All the new appliances have a computer board somewhere in them, including gas dryers, gas stoves, refrigerators, and washers.

If these ideas do not do the trick, give us a call at 705‑743‑7121 and we would be happy to help.


ProblemTry This
Not cold. Not running. Light on.Make sure dial-in fridge and freezer are at the middle setting at least and did not get bumped to off.
Not cold. Not running. Light off.Unplug fridge and plug in a lamp or radio to make sure the outlet works.
Temperature not cold enough, or too cold.Check the dial in the fridge and freezer. Make sure the dial is set properly and increase or decrease the setting as desired. If the fridge is too cold, turn the dial to a warmer setting. If the fridge is too warm turn the dial to a colder setting.
Control board not working.Unplug for 1 minute then plug back in, may reset board.


ProblemTry This
Not cleaning properly, or leaving residue on dishes.Pour white vinegar in bottom and let sit for 1 hour to 1 day, and then run. Use a cup of white vinegar in each load. Change your soap. Use liquid.
Control board not working.Reset; push normal wash button, then heat dry, then normal wash, then heat dry. Or unplug/turn breaker off for 1 minute, then plug in/turn on.
No power.Check plug or electrical panel (breaker or fuses).
Leaking water.Clean along the bottom of the door.
Noisy.If you use detergent pods, change to liquid soap. The cases may not be dissolving fast enough and getting stuck in the pump. If this is the case and you change to liquid soap, the cases will eventually go through and the noise will stop.


ProblemTry This
No heat.If you have fuses in your house electrical panel, replace both dryer fuses with 30 amp. Don’t just check them because sometimes you cannot tell. Yes, even though there is power, it can still be a fuse because one fuse is for power and one fuse is for heat.
Not drying or taking too long to dry.Check the vent from the rear of the dryer to the outside of the house. Any restriction let alone blockage will stop the hot wet air from getting out and the clothes from drying. Go outside and make sure there is plenty of airflow and there is no lint coming out of the vent. Remove lint from back of dryer for one load only. If it dries better you know there is a vent problem. Too long, too many elbows, lint build up. Also check lint trap and clean it out.
Control board not working.Unplug for 1 minute then plug back in, may reset board.


ProblemTry This
Not filling.Make sure water tap is on and someone did not turn it off.
Leaking.1. Front load washer: wipe down inside of door and rubber gasket. Hair,and dirt build up there and cause leaking.
2. Check fill hoses are on tight and not leaking at back of washer and at,tap.
3. Check drain hose to make sure it is on tight at the bottom back of, washer, and is leading securely into the drain.
4. Check drain is not plugged.
Control board not working.Check that the washer is plugged in. If it is, unplug it and plug it in a lamp or radio to make sure outlet is working.
Control board not working.Unplug for 1 minute then plug back in, may reset board.
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